Ben Ten Pornography Story: Something more seriouse Chapter 1

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Something more seriouse Chapter 1


It was around nine
o’clock and Ben Tennyson had just gotten home from soccar practice.
The practice itself had gone pretty well, and Ben was tired. He
smiled at his parents and made his way up the stairs. Ben tossed his
back pack into his bedroom and kicked hish shoes off, leaving them
next to his doorway before slumping down onto his bed.

“Ben,” his
mother called, her voice ecoing through out the house. “I wan’t
you to take a shower before you go to bed!”

“Alright mom,”
the brunett called back, a little dissappointed that he had to get
back up. He made his way over to his hamper and pulled out a towl,
smelling it before throwing it over his shoulder. Ben then made his
way down the hallway and into the bathroom, closing the door behind
him. He put his towel onto the towel rack and turned the handle on
the shower and began to undress. The slender boy waited a moment,
making sure the water was warm enough, and stepped in, sighing at the
calming feeling of the water flowing down his body.

Ben picked up a bar of
soap and began rubbing it over his cheast and arms, but suddenly, he
notaced something strange. Ther was a spot on the back of his arm
that didn’t feel right. To be more specific, it didn’t feel anything
at all. It was completely numb. He quickly put down the soap and got
out of the shower to look in the mirror, leaving a trail of water at
he did. Ben began examining the numb spot on his arm, notacing that
it was notacably darker than the rest of his skin. Durring a closer
examination, he notaced that there wasn’t any hair over the spot
either. Becoming nervouse, Ben wrapped his towel around his waist and
headed downstairs, hoping that his mother might know what was going

“Mom,” he
shouted, running into the kitchen.

“What are you doing,
Ben,” she asked, lowering the heat of the stove. “You’re
leaving wet footprints in the carpet.”

“Mom, I think theres
something wronge with me!” His mother looked at him, slightly
confused, and he showed her the spot on his arm. “See, Mom! I
can’t feel anthing on that spot. I think theres something wrong with

His mother gripped onto
his arm, examining the spot. “It dosen’t look too bad”, she
told him, loosening her grip. “It seems like its just a bad
bruise. Did you get his here with the soccer ball? Or maybe you
fell?” Ben pulled his arm away and shook his head.

“I didn’t fall,
Mom,” he whined. “And I didn’t get hit with the ball
either. Nothing happened durring practice that would give me a
bruise there. Besides, bruises don’t make your arm hair fall out!.”

“Are you sure? Maybe
something happened at school? Did you trip over a desk leg again?”

Ben’s face turned pink,
wishing his mom hadn’t brought up his balence problems, and he began
to make his way back twards the stairs. “Never mind!” His
mother smiled, giggling slightly, before turning back to the food she
had on the stove. Ben made his way back up the stairs and turned the
shower off, knowing that his dad won’t appreciate him leaving it on,
before making his way back into his bedroom.

It was now ten fifteen
and Ben, though still worried about the strange mark on hs arm,
pushed his thoughts into the back of his mind and opened his closet
door. He looked down the long row or clothing and pulled out a pair
of pajama pants, pictures of cartoonish cow heads all over them. The
brunett laied them on his bed and pulled out a pair of black breifs,
two buttons on the front. He then discarded his towel onto the floor
and slipped into his underwear, then into his pajama pants. Ben
slumped down onto his bed and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

“Yo, Tennyson.”
Ben yelped and sprang up, getting caught in his bed sheets, and
causing himself to fall onto the floor. He looked up to see Kevin
stinding next to his door, laughing his ass off after seeing Ben
fall. “Dude, I knew you were a clutz, but this is just too
good!” Ben pouted and brought himself to his feet, giving the
older teen an annoied glare.

“How did you get in
here.” The brunett asked, keeping his pouting face on. Kevin
smirked and held up his right hand, showing Ben the medal extremity
before turning it back to normal skin.

“Any more stupid
questions, Benny-boy?”

The shorter teen
grumbled, annoied with the nick name, bafore sitting on his bed. “You
know, every time you break in here, I could just call the police and
have you arrested.” Kevin just smiled at him, knowing that Ben
was too nice to have him arrested. Ben sighed and kicked his computer
chair in the raven hair’s direction, signaling him to sit down. “What
did you come here for?”

Kevin smiled. “Can’t
I just come and visit my best friend. Ben bluched before giving an
angry “no”. “Fine then,” Kevin grumbled. “I
came over here because Gwen heard from your mom that you were worried
about some mark on your arm and she made me come over here and cheak
on you. Happy?”

Ben nodded, but was
clearly still miffed. He hated it when Kevin did whatever Gwen told
him. To tell the truth, Ben had a crush on Kevin for awhile and was
completely jeliouse that Gwen was the center of Kevin’s attention.
And every time he saw Kevin flirt with her, he just wanted to walk
over and give Gwen a hard punch in the face, though he did have a
thing against hitting girls. Sometimes he just wished that Kevin
would flirt with him, or at lease show some emotion when he got hurt
while fighting alians.

“Earth to Ben,”
Kevin called, waving his hand infront of the younger’s face. “Are
you gonna sit there pouting or are you going to show me this bruise
you’re so worried about?”

Ben pulled himself off
his train of though and adjusted his position on the bed, switching
to an angle so that Kevin could see the dark spot on his skin. Kevin
sat there, gripping onto Ben’s arm, stairing at it. Ben’s face turned
slightly pink from the contact, before taking a deep breath, pushing
it aside. A few more moments passed untill Ben heard Kevin start to

“Is this all you’re
worried about,” he asked, still laughing. Ben grumbled and
pulled his arm away. “I’ve had injuries way worse than that
little thing.”

“Well I’m not a
jerk, Kevin.” Ben spat, folding his arms.

Kevin smirked at him.
“I’d rather be a ‘jerk’ that a clitz!” Ben blushed
furiously and threw his pilow at Kevin, hitting him in the face.
Kevin laughed again and tossed the pillow back at the smaller teen
and headed twards the bedroom door. Ben watched him open the door,
smiling back before shutting it, causing the door knob, keyhole and
all, to come off. “Door knobs broken again!”

Ben sighed, calming
himself a bit, before laying back down, using a remote to turn off
his over head light, and covering himself in his soft blankets. He
listened to the sound of Kevin’s car speed off before closing his
eyes and drifting off to sleep.

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