Ben Ten Pornography Story: Charmcaster’s Bad Day part 1

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Charmcaster’s Bad Day part 1

After her previous run in with the Tennysons, Charmcaster makes an escape from jail. ” Let’s get this party started” Charmcaster whispered devilishly to herself. She easily blasts open the cage to her cell , then continues to cast at any and all guards in her sight on her way to the exit. “Hmph, not so tough against one so charmed , aren’t you police men” she says snobbishly. “That we do bitch!” responds the last remaining guard standing angrily. As Charmcaster started chanting her next spell the guard presses the button on the remote he’s carrying activating a high tech mana energy reflect field (provided generousl by the Tennysons who felt Charmcaster might try to pull a stunt like this) sending her spell right back at her. “AAAAAAHHHGG!!” Charmcaster screams as she is pelted by her own spell, “serves you right bitch” gloats the guard triumphantly. After making sure she was stuned (which was proven Charmcaster’s lack of movement and excess of insult filled screaming towards the guard) her begins to move hr
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