Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ben Ten: Puny problem 1-Four

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ben Ten: Puny problem 1-Four

Ben 10: Small problem. Chapter I

This was quite the treat for them, to be staying in a motel instead of the back of the Winnebago. Ben and Gwen sat at the table of the vehicle waiting for Grandpa Max to return. “A night without your snoring.” Gwen said with a dreamy smile on her face. “Bliss.”  “Me snore? You’re the one that goes off like a chainsaw every night.” Ben snapped right back. Gwen glared and frowned at him.  “As if doofus. Why do you think I like camping outside? It’s the only quiet I get.”  “Why do you think I like you camping outside? It’s the only peace that I get.” “That’s enough you two.” Max’s voice interrupted the two of them. He stepped into the Winnebago and tossed a room key onto the table. Gwen snatched it up before Ben could even blink. “You’re in room 7.”  “Uh, grandpa, where’s my key?” Ben asked. He didn’t like the way that the events were playing out. Max looked at the two of them.  “We have a tight budget, you two are sharing a room.”  “GRANDPA!!!” Both kids yelled in unison with twin tones of shock and disapointment.  “For goodness sake you two, you’ve been sleeping in the same room for weeks. Surely you can survive another night.”  “Don’t bet on it.” Ben muttered under his breath. He had been looking forward to a comfortable hotel room all of his own. Now he had to share one with his geeky cousin. If he went Heatblast during the night and cooked his cousin then he wouldn’t be to blame. Things went from bad to worse for them when they arrived at room 7. Gwen was the who opened to door and was the first to discover the problem first. “Grandpa.” She yelled angrily. Max, in the room next door, poked his head out and looked at the two of them. “There’s only one bed.” She demanded. Ben poked his head into the room and saw, with dismay, that she was right. There was only one double bed.  “The best I could do.” Max muttered. “There weren’t any rooms with single beds in them. It won’t kill you to share something for once.” “Don’t bet on it.” Gwen muttered. She stomped her way into the room. Ben sighed and shook his head. This was going to be a long night.


Some time later.

“Check and mate. Again.” Gwen muttered as she shifted her bishop into place and snatched Ben’s rook. Ben pouted and turned away from her.  “This stupid game is boring anyway.” He shuffled to the end of the bed and clicked on the small TV that sat on top of a cabinet. There wasn’t much on but it was much better than playing chess with his smart-aleck cousin. “It’s not stupid. Chess has been played for centuries, from kings to commoners. It teaches logic and strategic thinking. The best thing considering what you like to do as a hobby.” She indicated the Omnitrix on is wrist. “Perhaps a little strategy instead of rushing in, waving your fists all the time, would help things a little. Less bruises and smashed buildings.”  “You just have to go and geek everything up don’t you? Even going hero and kicking alien butt.” He switched the channel on the TV, there was some black and white movie on, boring, but better than the talk shows on the other side. Gwen shook her head. He was just hopeless. She wrinkled her nose. “I’m going to get a shower. Just because you like the wallow in your own stink doesn’t mean I do.” She marched of to the bathroom and Ben heard the lock click half a second later. Ben looked at the door for a minute, a sly smile spreading across his face. He’d show her for talking down to him. She might have a big head but she didn’t need to rub his face in it. He never could resist a practical joke. Ben activated the omnitrix. It’s small panel lit up with the alien green light he knew so well. “Time to Ghostfreak you out.” He said with a little giggle. He slammed his palm down on the watch and was blinded for half a second by the green light. He felt his body shifting and changing. The light faded and he instantly knew something was wrong. He didn’t have that weird disembodied feeling he usually had with Ghostfreak and everything in the room had grown a hundred times larger. He looked down at himself and sighed. “Grey matter.” He said with disapointment. “I wanted scary, not scarcely seen.” He chuckled at his own joke. “Still, when life gives you lemons and all…” he rushed to a small air vent on the floor, it led through to the bathroom. He could hear the sounds of the shower running. “Someone of my size could cause a little chaos to the plumbing I suppose.” He slid himself into the vent and ran through to the other side. The vent was an obstacle course of dust balls and even a live cockroach. “So much for cleanliness and hygiene laws.” He muttered in annoyance. He squeezed through to the other side of the vent and into the bathroom before the roach decided to work on it’s instincts or discovering if he was a food, threat, or a mate. He didn’t feel like fighting, getting eaten by, or humped by, a roach half his size. The bathroom was hot and steamy, full to the brim with thick humid air. His alien form had never felt more comfortable. Made sense, him being a frog-like species warm and moist environments would naturally agree with him. “Time for a little fun.” He muttered and laughed to himself. He rushed up to the edge of the shower. It was a stand alone cubicle with a curtain to allow privacy. All the plumbing would be under the small plastic square that a person would stand on while cleaning themselves. He would have to get under stand to cause Gwen a little trouble. Crawling under the shower curtain he stayed in the corner, where he could stay relatively dry from the shower rain. Ben glanced left and right, looking for a way down and under the shower so he could play with the plumbing. A blob of soapy foam crashed down right next to him and he looked up angrily. His already large eyes widened as he stared at his naked cousin. Gwen was rubbing her body with thick lather over her developing breasts. Small, like a couple of apples, but present and noticeable. She had some sexy curves beginning to develop around her hips. She had a very nice body under those boyish clothes she always wore. From his tiny position the best view he had was between her legs. Her pussy looked so tight and young. There was a fine layer of hair covering it, she was turning into quite the young woman now. Gwen’s hands cleaned the soap from her body. Her hands rubbed over her breasts and she bit her lip gently as she pinched her nipples.  I do believe she’s sexually arousing herself. Ben thought, the intelligence of Grey matter provided the words that he barely understood.  Gwen worked a hand lower to between her legs, keeping the other massaging her breast and pinching her rapidly hardening nipple between her fingers. Her eyes were closed and her breathing deep with soft moans. Her fingers strayed over her pussy lips, rubbing them gently, teasing her clit between two fingers. Slowly she slid her middle digit into her tight hole. She had to lean a hand against the wall to hold herself up. She sped up, pumping her digit in and out of herself slowly building up speed. Ben was mesmerized by the sight in front of him, he couldn’t take his eyes of the giant masturbating Gwen. His tiny alien body was reacting, he could feel a bulge begin to press against the cloth of his black and white suit. He glanced down quickly and took in the sight of a raging hard-on, begging to be freed from it’s cloth prison. The bulge was barely half an inch n size but on a six inch tall alien that would probably be a decent size. Gwen’s head flopped forward. She looked ready to fall to her knees any second. For half a second her eyes opened just a fraction. She caught sight of Grey Matter and they snapped open wide. “BBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNN!!!” She screamed with ultimate rage. Ben tried to run but she was too quick. She grabbed him in her fist and lifted him right up to her face. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING YOU PERVERTED FREAK.” Ben had to grab the sides of is head to protect himself from her screams. “Easy Gwen, please. You’re going to deafen me.”  “I’ll do more than that.” She growled. She tightened her fist. Ben yelled and wriggled as the crushing pressure built up over is whole body.  “I was just going to mess with the plumbing a little. It was just a joke.” He yelled out very quickly while he still had breath in his body. “but it’s your fault, you distracted me.”  Gwen froze, her grip loosened and Ben could breath again. “How much did you see?” Ben’s expressions turned very sly, Gwen didn’t like it. “I wandered in while you were lathering up those lovely breasts.”  Despite her shock and anger, Gwen did notice that her cousin had actually given her a compliment on her looks. Maybe it was because she had the ability to crush him like a bug at that moment, but she took the compliment all the same. “You…you really think they’re lovely?” She had always been slightly embarrassed with her body, that was the reason she kept it hidden under tomboy clothing.

Ben 10: Small problem. Chapter II

Ben saw his chance. If he could bombard her with enough compliments perhaps he could escape this without further injury. Taking a deep breath he launched himself into his rant. “Of course. They’re gorgeous. At my size they’re the size of grandpa’s Winnebago. They’re two enormous sexy balloons of flesh and just looking at them is getting me sexually aroused. Their size, their shape. The size and colour of those nipples and their hardness; they are the most perfect specimens of preteen mammary’s that could possibly exist.” Gwen stared down at him, almost dumbfounded. She had never heard anyone say anything so beautiful about her body before. Ben had never paid her so many compliments in one go before. Even if they had been delivered under the threat of pain they still reached her and made a smile spread on her face. “Oh Ben. Thank you.” She loosened the grip of her fist and shifted and changed it. She pulled him in close, pressing him between her breasts in an extremely weird mismatched hug, sing her hands instead of her arms to hold him close to her body. Ben could hardly breath as he was squashed between the two fleshy mountains. They were a lot more firm than they looked but still had a little give as he rubbed his hands over them. He was panicking, waving his arms around, trying to get Gwen’s attention. He did just that, but not in the way he wanted. The rubbing and pressure at the base of her young tits, and her body already aroused after her interrupted masturbation, new waves of pleasure began to build up inside her and her pussy jumped out of it’s pause mode and her desire to finger herself returned with new vigour. Allowing her hand to find its way down to her moistening cunt, she closed her eyes and envisioned Ben laying on top of her, shirtless. His cool, strong hands sliding over her back, squeezing her ass tightly. As she slid two fingers into her tight snatch she imagined it was Ben pressing himself gently inside her. She was so hot and wet, the juice ran over her fingers. She’d never fantasised about her cousin before but it was turning her on more than anything else she had ever pictured.  “GWENNNN!!!” His high cut through her fantasy and she remembered that she was pressing her cousin against her breasts. She pulled him back and stared down at him, strange thoughts were in her head and the pounding urges coming from her pussy weakened her ability to resist them. She pulled Ben away from her chest and gripped him tightly in her hand again.  “I’m not putting you down yet, dear cousin.” She said in a seductive voice. “Not until I’ve finished with you. And you’d better co-operate or I’ll tell Grandpa about you peeking on my in the shower and using your aliens to pull pranks again.” Ben fell silent. Grandpa didn’t like him using his alien forms for personal gain and pranks. If he thought that Ben was peeking on Gwen in the shower he’d kill him. Gwen knew she’d won against him. Her smile spread on her face and gently lowered him down. Grey Matter was six inches tall, larger than any of her fingers and he would move, touching parts she would never reach. Ben’s already large eyes grew wider as he realised what she was doing. Her dripping pussy drew closer. He could see the bulb of her clit. Using two fingers she spread her lips wide and he caught sight of the delicate pink folds of her insides. Her scent, it was so delightful. Gwen moaned softly, sliding Ben into her tight cunt. She closed her eyes and had to lean against the wall to stop herself collapsing to the floor. He was spreading her so wide, his limbs were moving, so small and yet so strong, feeling, rubbing grabbing and touching her in places she never knew she could be touched. “oh God Ben. Oh Yes.” She gasped breathlessly. Her face felt hot, she couldn’t tell what was water from the shower and what was sweat. She squeezed her breasts in her hands pinching her hard nipples between her fingers She moaned deeply. Lightning bolts of ecstasy shot up through her body.  “Ahh…Ben. God yes, just like that.” Ben was squirming hard, twisting and turning through her insides and sending wave after wave of pleasure crashing through her. Gwen rubbing hard on her nipples. She palmed her breasts and gave them a hard squeeze; she bit her lower lip and groaned. She moved her hands in a circular motion massaging them hard. She wished it was Ben doing it for her. She squeezed her thighs together, Ben couldn’t escape from her now. There was nowhere for him to go but deeper inside. The heat that was spreading from her core to her hips to her waist was driving her wild. With each wave of orgasmic pleasure she squealed loudly, not caring if anyone could hear her through the walls of the hotel. “Ahhh…Fuck.” Her legs gave way and she slid to the floor of the shower. She arched her back a little as she writhed around. Her hips thrust at the air, working with Ben’s movements, feeling the power of his twists and turns driving her orgasm towards her like a juggernaut. She pinched her nipples so hard she broke the skin and drops of blood leaked out. But it felt so good. It was just the thought that it was Ben doing this to her that seemed to magnify the power of her growing ecstasy. “Oh what a dirty, dirty girl, you are, Gwen” she thought through the haze of pleasure. She writhed on the floor, feeling the hot water raining down over her flesh. She looked down between her legs. Tiny bumps rose and fell on her flesh as Ben squirmed through her. She through her head back as a fresh wave crashed through her. Only one thought entered her mind and it made her cry out on ecstasy. It was the thought of Ben, in human form doing this to her with his cock. His piercing green eyes staring into her own as they both drove each other toward their climax’s. “Oh God-” She gasped. Ben felt like he was doing flips inside her cunt. “SHIT.” She cursed, as she felt her walls being pushed to their limits. “Oh GOD, BENNNN.” She threw her head on the side, her face contorted with lust and want. She did not even see the juices that flowed out of her core. Bolts of pleasure shot through her body, sending her into complete ecstasy. She groaned loudly as her orgasm rocked her. It wouldn’t stop, it was like an earthquake in through every cell of her body. She didn’t know what Ben was doing to her but it was driving her insane. She twitched wildly as the major power of the orgasm started fading. She couldn’t stop. There was more movement. Ben was twisting around inside her, moving around. What the hell was he doing?  “Gwen.” He was pushing his way out of her, she could feel her lips spreading. She gasped, moaned and cried out as he made his way out. There was a sudden feeling of emptiness that she didn’t like but the powerful feeling of satisfaction over her body made her feel a little better. Ben and his tiny form stepped out and away from her. His body was covered in the slime of her juices and stared up at her with a very blank expression. He didn’t know what to think after what he had just been through. Gwen looked between her legs, at her tiny alien-formed cousin. There was a strange smile on her face, was of deep fulfilment. “OK.” She said breathlessly. Her face was flushed and her eyes were a little out of focus. “Now I’m finished with you.”  “Yeah.” Ben said, he sounded shocked to the core. His tiny hands were shaking as he walked away. He climbed out of the shower and onto the bathroom floor. “Yeah.” He muttered again. No matter how long he lived he didn’t think he would ever get over that. The horror, the disgust, the pure sickness of Gwen and her actions, but most of all, that fact that he actually found himself enjoying it towards the end. The light on his back started to flash red. A second later he was human. There was a temptation to turn an look through the shower curtain at his thoroughly sated cousin. But he just wandered to the door and left her alone. Back in his human body and faced with a naked Gwen, he was no longer sure what he would do.

Ben 10: Small problem. Chapter III

Ben closed the bathroom door calmly and walked toward the door. He needed some fresh air. Some fresh air and he would be fine. He didn’t get five paces before he dropped to his knees, groaning in pain. His hands shot to his groin. He could feel the hardness fighting against the material of his jeans. His cock was so hard it hurt, hurt right up into his belly with a deep pulsing throb. He had never hurt like this before. He had never been this hard before. Fumbling fingers struggled and fought. Victory as the button of his jeans popped open. Swift as XLR8 his jeans and underwear were around his knees. Five inches of rigid flesh was grateful for release. Thick dark coloured veins pulsated in time with his heartbeat making the whole organ twitch. He had been hard before but not like this, never even anything close to this. He had never been so horny in his life. Gwen had driven him insane with lust. He couldn’t wait another second. His hand gripped his prick and started to rub and down along the hot shaft. This was no gentle ‘lets get warmed up’ rubbing, no, this was furious peak of desire ‘I need to cum or I’ll explode’ rubbing. His arm moved almost at a blur. He moved deeply as the fire that had smouldered inside now rose up and wound through him furiously. His body was hot yet he felt cold. His thoughts broke down into images, simple but wonderful images. Images of Gwen. Standing above him, playing with her dripping pussy. Squeezing her hard nipples as she moaned his name. Gwen kissing, licking and sucking the head of his cock. Throwing her head back and moaning deeply as he blew his load all over her face landing in her open mouth, running down her chin, splashing across her chest. She would put her hands up and rub his cream over her tits. Squeezing, rubbing and pinching her nipples and all the while her cunt would drip her juices. The lips pink and swollen, her clit harder than his cock was right now. She would beg him to fuck her. He would make her scream his name as they orgasmed ad he would keep on fucking her, keep on filling her with buckets of cum as she constantly begged for more. Ben threw back his head, his back arched almost painfully as a powerfully violent orgasm shot through him. “Oh Gwen!” He groaned deeply as his hot cum shot from his cock. It fired, actually fired out of him and flew 30 centimetres across the room before splatting into the motel carpet. Such a huge load. It looked like it could fill a shot glass. Ben hardly noticed. He was too busy riding his orgasm. He grunted and twitched as his hand slowed and lost rhythm as the climax faded. The fire was gone but the heat remained. He sat there for a few seconds trying to catch his breath as the afterglow of satisfaction rose up inside of him. Nothing was said, not a sound was made. He just suddenly realized that he was not alone. Slowly Ben turned around and looked behind him. Gwen stood in the bathroom doorway with wide eyes focused not on Ben’s face but on his slowly softening dick. Her body was still wet from her shower, her could see drops running down the gentle curve of her neck, past her collar bone and toward her breasts. She was wrapped loosely in a towel. She was holding the top of it tightly around her breasts with one hand but the other arm had strayed into the folds of the towel and was busy moving around between her legs. Ben couldn’t see what that hand was doing from his angle, but it didn’t take a genius to figure it out. “How long have you been standing there?” He demanded. He knew he should be embarrassed, should be trying to cover himself, should be trying to pull his pants up but he didn’t feel or do any of those things. Nor did Gwen make any attempt to stop fingering herself underneath her towel. “Long enough to know you were thinking of me.” Ben turned his whole body to face her, still not bothering to cover up. “After what you did to me its not like I had much of a choice. It’ll be years before I can get that out of my head.” Gwen’s face started to turn red. Not a blush but a flush from her hidden activities. “Did I make you come Ben?” She was getting breathless in her tone. Her hand was moving faster than ever under her towel which was becoming looser by the second. Ben saw glimpses of upper thigh and the promise of more with each movement of her arm. He felt a stirring deep in his body. A part of him he had thought was put to bed was waking up again. “Did I make you come hard?” Gwen continued. She was leaning against the doorway now and wasn’t holding the towel anymore, only sheer luck was keeping it in place. “As hard as you made me come?” She moaned. The towel had fallen open around her waist and Ben could see her pussy and her fingers dancing across the lips of her cunt. Her middle finger sliding in and out of her tight hole as her thumb rubbed hard against her clit. Ben’s cock was hard again, not as hard as he had been but he was quickly getting there very quickly. “Oh God.” She gasped. “Oh, I thought me head would explode. Was it like that for you Ben? Was it that hard? Did you come thinking of me? My body.” She stopped her action and let her hand drop from her pussy, wiping it on the towel. Her eyes drifted downwards to Ben’s cock it looked so hard, so wonderful. One hand reached up and pulled the towel. The covering dropped to the floor and revealed her naked body to him completely. “Oh God Ben I can’t stop thinking about It. Oh, you made me come so hard. It makes me so horny just thinking about it. Do I make you hard Ben? Does my body made you horny? Does it? Do you want to come thinking of me like I want to come thinking of you?” “Oh God yes.” He practically yelled at her. Gwen almost squealed and threw herself forward onto the carpet in front of Ben. She looked constantly down at his cock with trembling hands. Ben was just as nervous as she was but took the initiative. His hands found their way to her breasts and he placed his hand on them. After a couple of seconds he started to move them, squeezing them gently and feeling her hard nipple press into his palm. Gwen hummed softly to herself and a smile spread on her face. Her hands found their motion and they guided themselves down to Ben’s dick. She almost dreaded to touch it. Was she really doing this? Yes she was. She was too horny to turn back. What she had done with him had driven her wild just thinking about it made her cunt tingle deep inside, deeper than any of her fingers could reach. She had a feeling he was the same way. Neither of them had the power to stop even if they wanted to, but stopping was the very last thing of Gwen’s mind. Her fingers brushed along Ben’s shaft, gently feeling each throbbing vein and the heat coming off the organ. Ben loved the feeling of her fingers delicately teasing the feelings out of his dick. He pinched one her nipple between two of her fingers, making her gasp. She felt the tingles rising up from her cunt and starting to spread across her body. She wanted more. She took his hand by the wrist and guided it downward toward her sex. Ben took the hint and moved down without her guidance. His fingers teased her slowly at first, brushing along the hot, wet, lips of her pussy. Gwen twitched and moaned lightly as his fingers probed deeper, almost annoyingly slow. He brushed her clit and she moaned louder and flinched as a spark of electricity went through her. She gripped his dick tighter in her hand and jerked it gently up and down. She could feel it twitching in her palm and feel the heat of the flesh. She couldn’t wait any more. Ben’s patience collapsed just a second before her own did. He pushed himself forward, throwing himself at her. He pinned Gwen to the ground with his body weight and his hands pinning her arms to the floor by the wrists. She looked up at him, liking his dominance of her. She spread her legs automatically. “Hurry Ben. Make me cum. I can’t fucking wait any more. If I don’t cum I’m going to go insane.” “I know what you mean.” Ben said as he guided his cock to her waiting twat. “I feel like my alls are going to explode.”

Ben 10 Small problem Chapter IV

Ben thrust himself forward his hard rod penetrating deep into the slick hot folds of Gwen’s tight cunt. Both of them gasped in pleasure as Gwen felt that cock suddenly invade her, stretching her insides in a way she had never known before and Ben felt her hot tightness wrap around his member. So hot and so tight her pussy was almost lovingly wrapped around him. They fit so perfectly into and around each other it was as if they were made for this shared pleasure. Slowly. He had to move slowly or else he knew he would blow his load right then. Ben started to move his hips. Gwen closed her eyes and started to breath deeper and faster. Through her body she felt fire burning up and growing in intensity through her. She gasped and tensed and he stopped, afraid that he was hurting her. Gwen shivered her breathing trembled. It felt so good. It was so much better than her fingers or what had happened in the bathroom. God it made her feel so wet to think about shoving her tiny cousin up inside her as a dildo. His every movement rubbing at her folds and driving her closer to an explosive orgasm. But this was so much better than that. A thousand, a million, and infinity better and he hadn’t done anything more than ram his rod inside her. She could feel him deep, so very deep inside her she had never thought it possible. He filled her up so completely. Ben’s pace started to slowly build. The heat built between their bodies. They both started to groan as the powerful waves of pleasure started to churn and rise up through them. Gwen started to move, grinding her hips in pace with his thrusts. She could feel her g-spot rubbing on his dick. Lightning bolts fired through her with every delicate touch of that throbbing head. She could feel the dick twitching, pulsating inside her. Fire burned through her insides, radiating out from her pussy and spreading through to every inch of her body. Ben and Gwen ground their hips in perfect automatic synch moaning and breathing heavily as they found their pace and felt their twin rockets of passions building, rising up towards a powerful ecstasy. Their bodies burned with desire and they were just lost in the ocean of delight. All thought and feeling was gone only these explosions of ecstasy made their universe. Their movements built up, becoming faster and faster. They moaned deeply and twitched as they both felt the waves of ecstasy crashing around inside them. Gwen moaned deeply. She was so close she felt like she was going to explode. To her delight, she heard Ben’s moans of pleasure deepen. He quickened to match her pace. His own climax was getting close. Both of them felt it, great pressures building up deeply inside them, pressures that were threatening to explode. That was how they felt, like they were just going to explode. She could feel his dick twitching inside her. With every thrust her pussy felt more and more sensitive. His cock felt ten times bigger than before. She was so sensitive her cunt juices were running out of her like a river. She thought she was going to tear in two. Ben moaned and thrust all the harder as his balls tightened and a feeling of both pleasure and ecstatic pain gripped him. He almost couldn’t breath! Gwen threw her head back, her body arching almost painfully. “BEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNN” She screamed his name and clutched onto his shoulders as her powerful orgasm ripped her world in two. Her climax exploded upwards through her body from her pussy and crushed her brain. Nothing else existed but that second, that second when the heat and pain and pleasure and all things broke down into just the feeling that burned through her body. Ben thrust upwards powerfully, burying every last inch of his cock inside her. He felt the powerful wet tightness of her pussy walls clamp around her as her juddering climax tore through her body, sending him over the edge. He cried out her name as he came as loud as she had screamed his own. She heard the deep groan rise in his throat as his orgasm took him. His balls blew their load with such force he felt it firing out of her somehow just as powerful as it had come out of him when he’d jacked off. Each spurt of the cum was like a bomb going off in his brain and he heard Gwen gasp beneath him as his dick fired into her. Her body stiffened and twitched with shocks of ecstasy as she felt his burning hot cum shooting up and spreading through her insides. So hot and creamy it felt so good. She could feel it covering every inch of her cunt, she really could feel it. It felt so wonderful. They ground their hips a few more times to squeeze the last out of their climax’s. But all too soon they collapsed into a heap as exhaustion took them. Ben felt the soft, hot walls of Gwen’s cunt squeeze and pulsate as his cock twitched in time with their heartbeats. Hearts beating as one. They both just lay there, trying and failing to catch their breaths and feeling the shared heat and sweat between their bodies. They couldn’t move and neither one of them wanted to move. They were just enjoying the feeling of satisfaction draw upon them like a blanket is drawn around a cold person. Ben loved the feeling of Gwen’s cunt wrapped around his cock and Gwen adored feeling him inside her. Inevitably they had to part, though the action was unwanted. Ben rolled to the side, off of Gwen. His cock left her cunt, leaving her with a feeling of emptiness in her that she didn’t like and left him with a coolness and freedom around his cock that he didn’t enjoy. He lay her her side and the two of them stared up at the ceiling as the sweat cooled from their bodies and they slowly managed to regain their breaths. “That…” Ben began but didn’t finish. His brain just wasn’t working. He had forgotten all the words he ever knew. “…Yeah.” Gwen agreed. She was in a similar situation. She managed a small smile. She could feel the warm mixture of her pussy juices and Ben’s cum slowly mixing inside her, some of it ran out of her cunt lips and she felt it run down her body and onto the motel carpet. She shuddered lightly as a tiny aftershock tingle danced through her. It had been so much better than before. So intense. She had no idea people could feel like that without their heads exploding but it had happened. She smiled and her hand played lazily with her breast, her finger gently dancing around her nipple and the soft curves of her mound. “That was so amazing.” She said slowly. Her speech was coming back but her head still felt so weird, like it had been wrapped in cotton wool and struck with lightening. She also knew she couldn’t stand. She didn’t even have to try her legs to know they would be too weak to hold her. “oh, Ben I had no idea sex was like that. It was just…wow. Just wow. That’s the only word for it. So intense. So powerful. Oh god Ben I think I love you. I mean if two people can make each other feel like that then they’ve got to belong together.” She waited but she was met with silence. “Ben?” She sat up and looked at him. Ben’s eyes were closed and his breathing was slow. She couldn’t hardly believe what she was looking at until a slow and quiet snore emanated out of his nose. Love, and confession of was instantly forgotten. All emotions were currently set back to normal. How dare he fall asleep on her. “BEEEENNN!” She screamed right into his ear.

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