Ben Ten Pornography Story: College is back in session

Ben Ten Pornography Story: College is back in session

Session Chap 1

Ben had only been home a few minutes and was stretched on the living room couch. He noticed a light on in the old VHS machine. WOW that has always puzzled Ben. Why did his Mom insist on keeping it. He then noticed there was an old tape in it. Curious he got up and walked straight into the coffee table knocking his cock head against his knee. His knee was fine but man-o-man it was swelling already and not because he was horny. After a moment of extreme input to his nervous system he made it to the tape machine. He ejected the tape and looked at it and only finding a hand written label read it, Dad and my tenth birthday party. That must be Dad’s Ben thought it has to be boring as hell. He shoved it back into the machine and moved to the couch only to have his cock head rub over his knee and on his pants. He just about dove into the couch and rolled around in pain. Man it was going to be swollen after that bump. Settling down he moved up to the arm and dragged himself up onto it feeling sorry for himself and rubbed his sore cock head.

He noted that the VHS remote was on the, now, dreaded coffee table. Well if I watch the old tape it might distract me. So grabbing the TV remote tuned on the TV then grabbed the other one and pushed play. The time on the screen showed the tape had about 10 minutes left and FuCK there was a young Max fucking the hell out of a young blond. At the other end fuck it must have been a 10 year old version of his DAD.
Dad had his rather long cock in the blonds mouth and was fucking with long and hard strokes. Dam Ben didn’t know Dad’s cock was that long. it must be at least a foot long and was sliding in and out of the blonds lips and down her throat easy as his cock in Gwen cunt after Max had been through her. Max was doing a good job of the blonds cunt regardless. Max’s cock looked so big in that small really red cunt and the sounds and groans and squeals of pleasure from all concerned made Ben unzip his pants and drag his cock out and start to rub it up and down. Just then Max groaned low and load as he blasted the young cunt full of cum, how it got past those stretched cunt lips he just could not know. The his Dad pulled out of the blonds mouth and came on her face and in her mouth over her head and down her back even hitting Max.
She turned around and he saw the blonds face MOM, IT WAS A YOUNG MOM, MAX FUKED MOM WHEN SHE WAS 10 AS WELL. FUCK ME DEAD.

Suddenly somebody touched his cock head taking a firm hold of it. Looking around it was his MOM! Hi Ben I see you got the hint to watch your dad and grandpa fuck the shit out of me after everyone had gone home. O look there’s Max fucking your Dad up the ass. I was over with Verdona getting my pussy licked clean by then I didn’t even notice your father being fucked by your grandfather. Now your grandmother got me back into the frame. Look how far up my cunt she has her fist. Oh Oh watch this she flexes her fist and makes my tummy bulge up. Isn’t that so hot. I think you have a full blown hard on from that. That’s the end of that tape would you like me to put on the other one from that night? We went on for a couple of hours and got your uncle to who fucked me as well that night. I did all three of them before they did your grandma as well all at the same time too. She fisted me wile the family fucked her every hold. I just played with her tits.

Ben couldn’t believe what he was had seen and heard. His Mom was a fucking dirty bi-slut just like Gwen. YES!!!!!!! this made the rotten day at school all go away.

Ben Mom said “Oh my!” look at this how did you bruise you dick? Ben felt a little sissy but he told his Mom how he did it. Well I’ll just have to kiss it better then won’t I. With that she lent over the back of the couch and lovingly kiss Ben’s bo-bo. I thought you had a harden for a minute but it’s swelling from the hit. This should make it interesting for you a lot of pain with pleasure mixed in. Ben suddenly realised what she meant as she leaned over a bit more and took the nob in her mouth and started to suck it hard. Suddenly a wave of pain washed over Ben as his mother crushed his swollen cock head in her mouth. He came violently in her mouth but she swallowed every last drop of his cum and never missing a beat her head started bobbing up and down on his cock till she had it in her throat. As Ben’s Mom swallowed more of his cock she leaned over the back of the couch putting pressure on her blouse from her tits. There was the buttons popping, one hitting Ben in the lower lip and into his mouth, then her large tits jumped into view and reach. Ben just grabbed both one in each hand and guided one toward his waiting lips, but that was just not going to happen. His Mom had all his 15 inches down her throat now with her nose bumping his ball. Dam that woman could suck cock!! Finely his Mom had her cunt in Ben’s face. Covered as it was by a pair of stretch pants, he could smell how ripe his Mom was. She was so wet it was flooding onto Ben’s chine through her pants. Ben started to undo them and pulled them down so his mouth was now forced by the partially pulled down pants into his Mom’s cunt lips. His nose was in her cunt fucking it wile he licked her clot and nibbled it between his teeth with a nip crushing her clot painfully. That’s for what you did to my dick head he thought.

Ben’s Mom came up for a breath of air. As his cock made a loud popping sound surrounded by the sounds of spit and cum lashing around. Gasping she tried to scream but her voice box was stretched so it sounded so sexy she said harder, bit it harder. So Ben did. He bit it really hard and often till it bleed. Then he sucked it really hard making his Mom cum really hard. She squirted till she could squirt no more for now. Suck my cunt you little bastard and my asshole too. Play with my tit and pinch the nipples till they are as blue as your dick head. So Ben did as his Mom told him he moved his nose and shoved it in her asshole, his tongue as far into her cunt as he could and rubbed his chine against her clit. Dam her ass smelt like shit and her cunt tasted like day old fish but he wanted to fuck both holes so bad now only Mom was so busy deep throating his cock. That was so great he could feel his cock down his Mom’s throat squeezing all the way as she sucked hard as she pulled his monster cock out and jamming it back in. Again and again Mom keep going down on Ben’s huge cock. How did she do it? She must have practised on Max a lot. Suddenly it was there, his balls had been sucked into his body he became ridged and as Mom swallowed deep and she pushed hard on the base, Ben blew his bolt, he must have cum gallons into his Mom’s stomach. Then just as suddenly his Mom came almost drowning Ben it was so much. As his Mom pulled his cock from he throat she farted and shit on Ben’s nose. It was real loose and dribbled into his mouth mixing with his Mom’s cum. She just clenched her legs around Ben’s head and forced more shit onto his face and up his nose. She wiggled her but so so mash the hard pieces of shit over his face. Ben was force to swallow as much shit and cum as he was able. He felt he was about to pass out when his Mom let him go.

Gasping for breath Ben was looking into his mothers eye as she licked the shit of his face. Mommy’s little man needs to have a clean face now don’t he. As she continued to lick the shit off his face he realised his Mom was ass fucking herself with his balls bouncing on her butt. That feels great Mom Ben said. Ben suddenly realised why all the furniture was covered in plastic. His sweet Mommy liked to shit as part of having sex. Ben sneezed and shit flew landing on Moms tits. A little blob of shit on each one. “Ben now you clean you Mommy’s tits” as she shoved her tits over Ben’s mouth forcing him to lick her shit of one tit then the other. While her tits were in the area she shoved a tipple into Ben’s mouth. Suck it hard dear she said and I’ll give the other one to you after you finish with the left one. By now she was also pounding Ben’s cock up her ass. As Ben played with the tits he had fed on as a baby he now took pleasure from the softness and size. They weren’t huge but they weren’t by any means small. Having so much fun he didn’t realise until his cum was leaking from his mothers ass he had blown his bolt again. His Mom came like a thunder clap and no sooner had she finish most of it she was off his cock and shoving it in her cunt. Bouncing up and down. Thing were so hot and heavy now Ben wondered it he could get any higher when he force cum into his mothers cunt again and again and again. There was cum flying out of his Mom’s cunt. Every time she force her hips back as she came down on his cock it sprayed over his legs when she force her hips forward it sprayed over his chest and face. Finely he was spent and so was the woman who gave birth to him from the channel he had just fucked and cum in.

Panting and breathless Ben opened his eye’s and focused on his Mom’s tits. Man they were mighty pretty as she lay back on his legs breathing heaver then he was. He just watched as her tits flowed across her chest in a slow lingering motion. Ben was getting a hard on again with his cock still in his Mom’s cunt ,When %&*)*( Gwen’s face came into focus, startled he pissed himself (or rather he pissed in his mothers cunt) and looking into her eyes they smiled as the warmth of piss washed his cum from her cunt. Gwen just looked on saying must be Mother son day by the look of it.

She bent over the back of the couch and planted a big wet kiss on Ben. Ben sent his tongue into Gwen mouth searching for her’s and as they met and started to tangle Gwen suddenly pulled back saying you taste like shit Ben. Ben looked at his Mom and told Gwen that his Mom had shit wile he was eating her out and she had clenched he so he had to eat his mothers shit. Ben and his Mom looked a Gwen and giggled.

Gwen looked at Ben’s Mom “YOU ARE SUCH A DIRTY SLUT AREN’T YOU WHORE!!!!!”. I like it. Can you teach me that trick? Of course I’ll teach you that one and a few other as well. Ben does she give head as well as me? Ben looked at his Mom She can’t even get the head past the back of her throat yet. Please, PLEASE PLEASE teach her to deep throat like you Mommy. Not till we get cleaned up a bit first. Max is coming for dinner so I need to make that first and have a shower and shit {if there is any shit left). You better have a shower and change before he gets here as well.

With Gwen looking very horny (how long had she been watching them?) and sweet and sexy and Ben was getting a boner again, which Gwen loved that she could get him so excited after what she had just seen. She had watched as Ben’s Mom shat on his face. It was better then getting a credit card. So Gwen grabbed Ben and dragged him to the shower she figured once he was clean enough she was going to get her some of that monster cock real soon.

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