Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ben & Gwen & Grandfather Part Three

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ben & Gwen & Grandfather Part Three

Part 3 has arrived! I hope you enjoy! :DD

Memorizing you from part 2:

“Ben says scary but hot sex words and Max tells Ben to do it”


Ben: Grandpa, I’ll do it but, I’m hungry right now

Gwen: Me too Grandpa!

Grandpa: Ben! You’re hungry? lick her pussy and eat! You’re hungry? Eat my dick Gwen!

Ben&Gwen: Alright! But not now, we are seriesly hungry…

Max buys some pizza they are full, they go to bed.

Max wakes up next morning and sees Ben licking Gwen’s pussy, he joins as well!!!

Max starts punishing her ass and it got red but Gwen sure is enjoying

Gwen: Come on Grandpa! You too Ben! GUUUUYSSSS!!!!! IM ABOUT TO CUM!!

And so Gwen cums and Ben gets wet!

Ben: Nice cum Gwen, This is my favorate sport! Sex with Gwen! It’s Hero time!!!!

Gwen: WHaaat?!!

Max: That’s what Ben meant with his sex words yesterday!

Gwen: Oh SHIT!

Gwen Saw four-arms with x2 bigger dick than the old one that she used to get fucked with!

Ben started fucking her with alien after alien

She said for each:

Four Arms: Sooo BIIG!

Diamond head: So HARD

Plant thing: Too MANY DICKSS!!!

Heat Blast: SO HOTT!!!!!

Wild Thing (Sorry I don’t remember their names too well): So WIILDDD!!!

She was taking it too hard untill!!:


They came each one after another.

Ben and Gwen Fucked everyday, then, things turn out that Ben & Gwen get married.


The End!

I Hope you enjoyed and Thanks for reading! Rate&Comment!

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