Ben 10 Pornography Story: Ben’s girls – Chapter 2

Ben 10 Pornography Story: Ben’s girls – Chapter 2

Ben Tennyson was currently walking a sidewalk path to his girlfriend’s house, he had been with Julie Yamamoto for awhile now and had hoped to keep it that way. It had been yesterday that he just had sex with a long time villainess; Charmcaster and he wasn’t feeling very eased about it. In fact Ben kind of expected her to pop up out of nowhere any moment, but he brushed it off as paranoia.

Not that he was afraid of her, it was the opposite actually, and after losing his virginity technically ‘unwillingly’ to her Ben felt a very strong urge to either hold or ravage the silver haired witch all over again. It had to be part of the charm or whatever it is she augmented him with that going to supposedly entice girls around him.

He hoped whatever mess she just got him into wouldn’t damage his relationship with Julie, but another thing was on his mind that she said yesterday; Gwen.

She had to be messing with me. I mean, come on, Gwen? She tells me Gwen is in love with me, my sophisticated high class cousin is in love with me, why do I find that hard to believe? Maybe incest is something of a fetish Charmcaster is trying to bring out in me or something. Maybe I shouldn’t even think about it.’ Ben thought as rounding a corner and seeing Julie’s house a few yards down the same path.

When he saw her two story house just a few feet away he wondered; should he even go near her in case the spell turns her into a sex hungry seductress? It could also strengthen their relationship, but cause of this spell could also destroy it. It wasn’t his fault after all, but guilt still reared its head in Ben’s mind.

‘Don’t I really like Julie? Of course I do, but if the magic makes her want sex then it won’t be out of our own choice, it will just be because some magic charm made her and me really horny.’ Ben thought as that was the simplest way to put it. “Then again is it any different if one special date on a beautiful night makes one thing lead to another? Oh for crying out loud, I will just go see her and what is meant to happen will happen. I really like her and that’s all that matters.” Ben said to himself in new resolve as he approached to the door way by walking over the lawn path meanwhile in a windowsill above Julie herself looks to her window and at Ben in eagerness.

In Julie’s room…

‘Ben’s coming over. Great! I can’t wait to show him what new tricks ship can do and..’ Julie thought before she trailed off and looked longingly at the green jacketed boy walking across her lawn.

She kept her gaze on him then a sudden feeling of warmth and mild internal elation took hold in her body.

‘What’s happening? Why do I feel so…so…good?’ She thought before getting even more of the unknown effect coursing through out her body, then when she looked at Ben again while he was outside on the doorway, she got this desperate urge to run down to the lawn and make out with him right there.

Her parents weren’t home and Ship was running about in the backyard, she didn’t know why she was thinking differently and she was losing much of her train of thought, but she did know one thing that was on her mind and needed to be on her body; him.

Julie wouldn’t notice it but her pupils started to glow light pink whenever she looked at him thus increasing the effect, but without waiting she slid her right hand down her skirt’s waistband and on to her panties.

Ben, no one else is home. The front door is unlocked so just open it and run up here already! I need you badly, I can’t explain it, but I want you so much I can taste it.’ She thought before raising her other hand to her right to cup one of her breasts and squeeze it tenderly. ‘Oooh yeah..’ she didn’t know where these urges were coming from or why they were happening, but her mind was on lust now and she had needs to be filled.

Sitting down on the edge of her bed Julie’s hand down her skirt went to work pressing her fingers against the clothed flesh, then she her hand slowly moved down against her private and up just as slowly.

Using the other hand to steady herself she used her right hand to keep massaging her gentle area slowly increasing her arousal and warm feeling.

“Julie? Anyone home?” Ben said from downstairs as the sounds of the front door opening were heard by her. Julie looked to her side where her desk was and noticed her digital camcorder laying there and got an idea.

Getting up and removing her hand from herself she walked over the camcorder and input some commands turning it on, after she put it back down the light on the device still signaled it was on.

“Ben if this is the day we finally cross that boundary then I want to have recorded, for plenty uses.” She said to herself sitting back at the edge of her bed and noting that her digital camera was indeed on and recording in camcorder mode, Julie wanted it on with what she’s going to do for Ben.

“Come here, Ben. I’m in my room.” She called out getting his attention downstairs. Hearing him shuffle up the stairs Julie began to get a little anxious again and used both her hands to reach under her skirt and slowly strip her undergarments off. Once they were at her left ankle she kicked them to the side.

Ben opened the door was greeted by the sight of Julie sitting cross legged at the edge of her bed with a foxy smile on her face.

I haven’t seen her smile like that before…‘ Ben thought to himself as he came in.

“Oh Ben, could you be a sweetheart and close the door behind you completely, lock it too.” Julie said smiling. Ben obeyed and did so mildly anxious.

Before he could turn around he felt Julie’s arms wrap around him affectionately.

“J-Julie?” Ben stammered as he felt her head cuddle against his back.

“Ben…can you do me a favor?” She said exotically while her hands traveled along his chest then started slowly moving south.

‘Her hands must be very soft.’ Ben thought as right then both of Julie’s hands cupped Ben’s private area. Now one hundred percent positive that the charm had already taken effect on her, Ben inwardly resigned himself of the struggle against her lusty hormones entirely because now the charm has become active in himself as well.

“Yeah, Julie?” He asked feigning ignorance and feeling the heat buildup in his body like the first he was ‘influenced’.

Julie then let go and sat on her bed again, only this time she sat spreading legs apart to give Ben a good view of underneath her skirt.

‘W-whoah..! I can see Julie’s pussy!’ He thought gulping anxiously as he peeked at the Asian teen’s bald hairless snatch. Something about seeing it made Ben want to go over and eat her out all day. He figured it was obviously the charm tampering with her pheromones.

He couldn’t help himself and neither could she.

“Take off your pants.” She answered pulling up her skirt a bit more.

Ben did as instructed almost hypnotically and he could see her excited expression show and when the bulge of his erect member showed on his boxers.

“Come closer, Ben. Pleeease?” She said the last part with a sweet seduced tone in her voice.

Ben shrugged his jacket off and closed the distance by standing at the edge of her bed in front, she kicked off her shoes and peeled off her socks.

‘What is she doing? Is she going to-‘

Ben was cut off from thought when one of her dainty soft feet landed on his bulge gently. It started rubbing in circles making Ben moan a bit inwardly.

‘She’s giving me a footjob and it’s great!’ Ben mentally said as the feel of her right petite foot kept rubbing in swirls on his boxer bulge.

She bit her lip mischeviously and brought her other foot up to the hem of his waist band, after sneaking in her big toe she dragged the boxers down little by little then she saw Ben’s erect member sprung loose.

“You’re going to like this, Ben, but I don’t want you to use all your energy just yet.” She said giving him a sweet smile and then placed her two feet gently on his dick, one foot started caressing his balls and the other foot slid up and down his shaft.

‘This feels so good, but I need to ask Julie if she’s really sure about this. Even if she’s spellbound.’ Ben thought as the feel of her left foot fondeled with his sac some more.

“Julie, are you sure you want to go through with this? I mean I love what you’re doing, but this is a big step, ya know.” He struggled to say when her right foot was brought to the tip of his dick. ‘Her feet are so soft.’

She gave him a sincere look which indicated she was still mostly herself if not very intoxicated by the spell. “Of course I am, Ben. I’m very ready to do this with and for you.”

Ben felt he heard the truth and there was no sexy tone behind her words, she was still herself alright.

“Why do you feel the need to ask? Don’t you…love me?” She said giving him a hurt look.

Ben felt he shouldn’t have asked and felt guilty for making her think he didn’t love her, it was a little hard to say the ‘L’ word to her since their relationship is less than a year old. What the hell, if she loved him then he would lover her back and do whatever it took to please her.

“Of course I do, never think I don’t , Julie.” Ben said feeling his cock in between two of her main toes on one foot, it felt like very similar to a hand job and felt good.

She smiled sweetly accepting his answer and continued her footwork with rubbing his shaft between two of her toes.

“Oh yeah…keep it up..Julie. I think I like this new thing you’re doing.” He said her making foot go faster.

“Glad you like it. Here’s the finale.” She said bringing both her feet to the side of her Ben’s shaft and started rubbing them rapidly back and forth.

“Oh…Julie..!” Ben moaned out a little louder and the pair of cute dainty feet continued to slide on his shaft a little faster.

Ben was feeling his cock twitching as he felt the smoothness of the surface of her soft feet continue to rub his member with much vigor.

“I-I’m close..!” He said throwing his back in pleasure.

Julie’s feet stroked his dick several more times before Ben moaned out her name loudly as he shot spurt after spurt of cum all over her clothes and body.

Several more streams of semen shot out before he was done and much of it was all over the clothes she was wearing. Some of it splattered on her bed and feet as well.

Ben then witness Julie scrape up a piece of his sperm from her sweater with her left index finger and placed it in her mouth.

“Mmmmmm, I could get used to tasting you, Ben.” She said winking and savoring the taste of his spunk, the sight of her licking her finger clean was turning him on again.

She then removed her sweater which left her in a black tank top and after that she leaned back on her bed some more and spread her legs far apart giving him a perfect view of her now wet slit.

“It’s my turn to service you, Julie. I promise I won’t disappoint.” He said bravely as he kneeled down in front of her exposed bottom and placed his hands against her thighs.

‘I can practically feel the warmth from her snatch. She did me a favor, now to return that favor.’ He said leaning close until he could place his mouth against her wet pussy.

He started kissing the folds and then her clitoris, he nibbled it with his lips and could feel Julie appreciating it by rolling her head back in pleasure.

Ben began sliding his tongue against the surface and lapped at it slowly causing Julie to moan now, he placed his tongue inside her folds to taste and suckle on her pussy.

“Oh god Ben!”

Julie placed her hands on his head as he dove deeper and wormed his wet tongue insider swirling around insider her. Ben was humming his satisfaction in the taste of her juicy vagina, he had been no expert, instead he was following his instincts and the charm was giving him the extended energy and motivation to enjoy her as much as possible.

Ben’s mouth was deep enough to feel the scarce pubic hair against his nostrils; his tongue was worming around insider her snatch tasting all of it while his mouth kept sucking on the surface of her lips and flesh.

Julie began curling up her toes and bended her knees inward as her orgasm was approaching fast, a sure sign was her hands grabbing tighter onto his head.

Ben then finished up by bringing his tongue up to her clit to lick and slurp all over it while he shoved two fingers from his right hand into her hole and started thrusting.

Julie’s body started shaking violently and her back arched while her hands shoved Ben’s face against hips. “Oh oh ohhhhhh BEN!”

Her body trembled and shuddered and he can feel her juices flowing out of her pussy and into his face and mouth. Ben tasted and swallowed most of his juice and brought his face back out almost out of breath.

Julie laid on her bed spread eagled and panting from her orgasm, then she looked at him with almost animalistic lust in her eyes and grabbed Ben by his shirt to pull him on top of her.

She shoved her lips against in a savage and succulent kiss where he probed her mouth with his tongue and in turn she sucked and tasted his tongue wildly.

They made out for minutes and Ben was starting to harden again due in fact that she was stroking him during their make out session.

Slurping sounds were made and small lines of saliva were connected to their mouths as their rounded up their kissing with Julie sucking his lips.

“Mmmmmmm, Ben, I’m ready. Just take me! I’m all yours, Ben!” She said as he rose his upper body and grabbed hold of her thighs.

He used his right to grab and position his now rock hard cock at the tip of her entrance. While he did this she pushed up her tank top to reveal her petite ample breasts and all their glory.

Ben rubbed the entrance upwards and backwards with the tip of dick a little bit then placed it ready to penetrate.

“This will hurt a lot, you know.” He warned and she nodded impatiently.

With a great shove he forced himself in and heard a very pained groan from her, blood seeping out from the intrusion a little bit, but Ben kept going until he felt her pussy to the hilt.

He slowly pumped backward and forward a little bit to get adjusted, he could almost feel like bursting already because of tight she is.

‘She’s so tight, it feels so good..!’ Ben thought before cupping her face and looking into her eyes.

“Are you okay? I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“I knew it would be painful, Ben. The first time always is, I’ll like it much more if you keep doing what you’re doing. Now fuck me.” She said smiling.

Although he hardly ever hears her curse, Ben was inclined to continue pumping his dick into her wet and slippery snatch. The rod like appendage got sucked in to the warm hole then retreated back out until the tip was at the entrance, again Ben kept repeating this action while hearing Julie pant.

His dick slid in and came back out, Ben kept pumping into her while holding her legs apart by the ankles and the more he felt her soft wetness around his cock the closer he was to finishing up inside her.

“Oh yes, oh yes! Keep going, Ben! Harder!” Julie screamed out and Ben started thrusting himself into her pussy with more force until he gritted his teeth.

Panting, bed creaking, and wet noises could be heard as the brunette teenage continued to plow the one on the bed. Julie then grabbed him by the shirt to pull his upper body back down to her while he was still inside.

She aggressively suckled his mouth once more as he lay on top of her. Ben wrapped his arms around her back to embrace her to the closest extent as his cock kept pushing in to her, Julie could feel her end coming and quickly wrapped her legs around his lower back causing Ben to moan out loud.

He was now further inside her since her legs locked themselves around him causing him to push harder and faster. He was close too.

The bed was now creaking even more violently as his thrusts were pounding her into the mattress with fervor , sweat was glistening off their bodies, their mouths locked with each other, and the sound of Julie moaning louder and louder was all that can be heard at the moment. Until…

“Ben!BEEENNN! I’m Cumming!” She shrieked out loud in euphoria as her toes curled up, her entire body clenched up around Ben as her orgasm came in tidal waves.

“OOOOHHH YES! JULIE!AAaaahh….!” Ben strained then felt his hips thrust on their own wildly as he shot a flowing stream after another into her womb filling her up.

For a few more seconds he kept rocking his hips with hers releasing the rest of his semen into her pussy, thus leaving him finished for right now.

They both sighed in satisfactory relief as Ben collapsed on the bed next to her.

‘I would love to sleep away the night here, but her parents will be home soon and so will mine. I just need to muster the energy to get up and walk. And Julie…’ Ben looked over to the smiling face the Asian angel and kissed her. ‘..I don’t think I’ll tell her about charmcaster, probably never will, but this charm stuff affected her before I even got within a few feet of her. Any girl I know could be next if they see me and this whole thing will happen again, but is it really a bad thing? Maybe it’s a blessing, most guys would kill to be in the position I’m in right now, but how would Julie feel about me and more girls if she’s still under the effects? I’ll think about it later.’ Ben thought before rising up from the bed about to get dressed.

“I love you, Ben.” Julie said to him as she put his jacket on him and kissed him sensually on the lips.

“I love you too, Julie.” He said dressing up once again and bade goodbye as he left the house.

He walked with a smile on his face since it was a terrific afternoon for him. One thing was on his mind though; actually two things: this thing would indefinitely affect other girls regardless of what he does or doesn’t do and there’s no helping it now, but would he really want to help it? Maybe not. The other thing was his cousin; Gwen, would she be affected by this too? Even if she was magically imbued like Charmcaster was?

‘Only one way to find out.’ He thought grinning at the idea.

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