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Ben 10 Porn Story: Breeding Season – Chapter 1

Ben 10 Porn Story: Breeding Season – Chapter 1

Ben 10: Breeding Season.

Ben had noticed something odd about his cousin Gwen, although he couldn’t exactly put his finger on what that something was. She was still geeky and argumentative as always but …he shook his head this line of thinking was distracting him from having fun; so he forgot it for the time being.

At lunch again the feeling returned and now he found he could put a name to what he had noticed, puberty. It had come to Gwen for he could see her breasts were now budding and her nipples stood out against her taught t-shirt, it was sexy. In his mind he had said the word…”sexy”…Gwen…naw …she wasn’t. Then again he began to look at her with a totally different eye.

Gwen was his age but she was definitely more mature by a long shot. She was also his cousin although she didn’t seem like it to him. She was more like the geeky girl next door who likes you just for being next door.

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