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Ben Ten Pornography Story: A Much Fatter Problem

Ben Ten Pornography Story: A Much Fatter Problem

This is the first story I’ve written, so I’d love some feedback.

It is my own continuation of “A Small Problem” (I did not write that story)

Depending on it’s reviews I may write a follow up.

               Ben closed the bathroom door behind him. He wandered into the motel’s kitchenette and turned on the sink. He removed his shirt and with a wet cloth he washed off as much of Gwen’s cum that he could, in his human form it wasn’t nearly as much as he thought when he was Grey Matter. He turned off the water and dried himself off, changing into a new shirt.

                Inside the bathroom Gwen was still on the shower floor panting. Catching her breath she grabbed the guard rail and pulled herself back onto her feet. Never before had she experienced such explosive sexual arousal. She turned the shower back on and cleaned off the mixture of sweat and cum from her body. When she finished and started drying off her mind began to wander, she reimagined Ben, fully nude on top of her, caressing and stroking her body, sucking on her little nipples, squeezing her tits and ass and sliding his cock deep into her welcoming pussy and fucking her senseless. Gwen suddenly noticed she had dropped the towel and her fingers were sliding over her aching pussy, she quickly stopped herself, she didn’t need to clean herself up again. There had to be a way for her dream to become a reality, but would Ben ever let her? Gwen was trying to think of how to convince Ben as she reached for her clothes, then she stopped and retracted her arm with a devilish grin.

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